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  • Marriage Celebrant Services
Marriage Celebrant Services

Congratulations for getting engaged and setting a date to become Husband & Wife.

This is such an important, special milestone in every couple’s relationship and as a Civil Celebrant I feel extremely honoured to be part of this joyous occasion.

Your wedding day is your day and your wedding ceremony gives you the opportunity to express and celebrate your love & marriage amongst cherished family and friends.

As a Marriage Celebrant I guarantee to deliver the following;

  • A memorable wedding ceremony written & tailored perfectly for each bride & groom.
  • A high quality, loud portable PA system which you can play your wedding ceremony music through on an IPOD, IPhone or CD.
  • Provide all the legal documentation to solemnise your marriage.
  • Arrange meetings to discuss and finalise your special day.
  • A wedding ceremony rehearsal prior to your wedding date.
  • Forwarding all the legal paperwork to “Births, Deaths & Marriages” for processing.

To proceed with the wedding ceremony preparations each Bride & Groom must provide their;

  • Original Birth Certificates (in English language)
  • Current Driver’s Licence Or Other Valid Photo ID
  • Current Passport (if born outside of Australia)
  • Once I have perused and read these documents together we will then complete the NOIM (Notice Of Intended Marriage) and additional paper work. The NOIM must be completed and submitted with your marriage celebrant at least 1 month prior to your wedding date.

Happy planning your special day and look forward to hearing your love story.
  • Naming Ceremony Services
Naming Ceremony Services

Congratulations on becoming parents! This is such an amazing & very special time in your life and as a Civil Celebrant I feel extremely honoured to assist in celebrating and formally naming couple’s cherished children.

A Name Giving Ceremony gives couples the opportunity to celebrate their child’s life in a wonderful and exceptional way; highlighting their child’s name, personality & uniqueness honouring the incredible journey parents undergo & acknowledging the special people around your child ; siblings, grandparents, godparents, family & friends.

I ask parents to provide the following details about their precious child;

  • Time & Date of birth
  • Length & Weight at birth
  • Full name of child , personality traits
  • Name of siblings, god parents & grand parents
  • What they enjoy doing together as a family
  • Any other information they wish to include in the Name Giving Ceremony.
  • I will then write a unique and very special Name Giving Ceremony tailored perfectly for your treasured child.

My Civil Celebrant services also include providing;

  • A high quality portable PA system which you can play your naming ceremony music through on an IPOD, IPhone or CD.
  • Multiple Naming Ceremony poems & readings you may wish to include.
  • A copy of the Child’s Naming Ceremony in a bind folder.
  • A Naming Certificate for your child.
  • Certificates for Parents, God Parents & Grand Parents.
  • 1 table & white table cloth with a “Family“ plaque.

Enjoy the wonderful journey of parenthood and look forward to hearing from you to assist in celebrating the arrival of your cherished child!